Google, YouTube tie up online video deals

Google / YouTube logos

Google's $1.65bn acquisition of video sharing phenomenon YouTube was accompanied by a slew of deals with content owners. Google signed distribution deals with music labels Sony BMG and Warner Music Group to offer music videos online.

YouTube also signed distribution deals with Sony BMG and Universal Music Group, as well as agreeing a strategic partnership with CBS.

Under the CBS deal YouTube will carry short videos from CBS' news, sport and entertainment divisions on a daily basis beginning this month. Advertising will be shared between YouTube and CBS.

YouTube said CBS would be the first TV network to test its new content identification architecture and reporting system, which will allow CBS to protect its intellectual property by identifying and locating copyrighted CBS content on YouTube.

"CBS will then have the opportunity to either remove it from the site or, at CBS's sole discretion, allow it to remain," said YouTube. "If CBS allows the content to remain on the site, CBS will share in any revenue from advertising placed adjacent to the content."

Lovelace Consulting  |  10.10.2006

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