Woodward unveils compromise on IPTV regulation

Shaun Woodward MP

Broadcasting minister Shaun Woodward has unveiled a compromise on European telecommunications commissioner Viviane Reding's proposals to extend broadcasting regulations to the internet. Woodward told Broadcastnow.co.uk that linear TV programmes broadcast online could be subject to similar regulations, but not videos made for sites such as YouTube.

Woodward told Broadcast: "If it's a television programme I think we should accept it should be open to regulation, however it's transmitted. It does not follow that if something has moving images of an audio-visual nature, but is clearly not a television programme, that it should be regulated too.

"The MySpaces and YouTubes are worried about the cost of compliance, regulation and licensing and that they will be forced out."

Broadcast said lobbying on the compromise could result in support from Germany, Spain and Denmark, though so far only Slovakia is officially backing the UK.

Reding's proposals have been attacked by broadcasters, telecommunications groups, technology firms and advertisers who fear they will stifle the internet's development.

Lovelace Consulting  |  16.10.2006

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