Now China enforces home-grown mobile TV standard

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China's media ministry, the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (Sarft), is to enforce a home-grown standard for mobile television on broadcasters and telecommunications operators. The move follows the insistence by China's Standardisation Administration that broadcasters adopt a home-grown standard for digital terrestrial television.

Sarft said the mobile TV standard, STiMi (Satellite Terrestrial Interactive Multi-service Infrastructure), would reduce China's dependence on foreign technology firms.

"The introduction of STiMi, which is China's independent intellectual property right, demonstrates that China has world-leading technology in the field, and will not have to submit to the standards of other countries," a researcher told official Chinese news agency Xinhua.

China is said to have 400m mobile phone users; 1.5m of those are reportedly already using mobile TV services.

  • ROK Entertainment has launched its subscription-free mobile TV service, FreeBe TV, in China.

Lovelace Consulting  |  31.10.2006

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