Top Up launches Anytime push VOD service

Top Up TV

Subscribers can watch and record content from 19 pay-channels including Disney, MTV, Paramount Comedy and Livingtv, and for an additional cost, Setanta Sports (showing 46 FA Premier League games) and PictureBox (Universal's movie service offering 30 films a month).

The Top Up Anytime service 'pushes' up to 100 hand-picked programmes to the digital TV recorder (hence push video-on-demand, or push VOD). New programmes are sent overnight and stored on the hard drive.

"Television on demand is changing people's viewing habits," said Matt Seaman, chief operating officer at Top Up TV.

"No longer slaves to predetermined schedules, viewers can now control what to watch and when to watch it. Television remains one of the most popular forms of entertainment and the new Top Up TV Anytime service and digital television recorder is leading the way in enabling customers to personalise their television viewing as never before."

Lovelace Consulting  |  01.11.2006

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