Asia Pacific 'to lead global IPTV revolution'

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The Asia Pacific region will lead the global revolution in internet protocol television (IPTV) in terms of subscribers, service revenues and infrastructure, according to Research and Market's Global IPTV Market Analysis 2006-2010. Fuelling the growth is the region's broadband penetration and supportive regulatory framework.

By 2010 global IPTV services revenues are forecast to reach $38bn, with 53m subscribing households by then.

The Americas and Western Europe are expected to be the biggest markets in terms of revenue per user basis, but Research and Markets said China "will be the future IPTV dragon due to rapid urbanisation, fast-growing economy and expanding middle class".

Research and Markets said the US would be a "more difficult market for IPTV, due to high existing pay-TV penetration, and stiff price and service competition that is likely to come from the entrenched operators in the cable and satellite sectors".

The report says consumer familiarity with IPTV is very low, though the youth market was more aware than other age groups. Cost was "by far and away the most significant factor across all countries and age groups" when it came to barriers to IPTV adoption.

Lovelace Consulting  |  03.11.2006

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