Swisscom trials mobile TV using DVB-H

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Swisscom Broadcast, the broadcasting arm of Swiss telco Swisscom, has launched a three-month trial of broadcast mobile TV using the DVB-H standard.

The trial, conducted in conjunction with Swisscom Mobile, sunrise and Orange, involves 200 mobile subscribers in Berne.

Swisscom said 3G had already made mobile TV a reality. "But to ensure that there will be no bottlenecks as demand increases in future, alternative technologies such as DVB-H are being tested," said the company.

Swisscom Broadcast tested the technical functions of DVB-H two years ago. In cooperation with Swisscom Mobile, sunrise and Orange, the company subsequently developed special DVB-H-based radio and TV offerings.

Triallists are watching 17 mobile TV channels and listening to four radio stations on Nokia N92 handsets.

Last month the Digital Video Broadcasting Project (DVB)—which developed the DVB-H standard—welcomed the decision by the US Telecommunications Industry Association to adopt DVB-H as an official standard for mobile digital TV.

DVB-H was formally adopted by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) as a standard (EN 302 304) in 2004. Commercial DVB-H services have been launched in Italy, and services have been announced for the US, Finland, Vietnam, France, Germany, Spain, Russia and South Africa before the end of 2007. Trials have taken place in the UK, and are due to begin in Ireland and Hong Kong.

Lovelace Consulting  |  08.11.2006

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