Pan Asian consortium to trial mobile TV

Leading communications and technology groups have announced the formation of the Pan Asian Mobile TV consortium, to enable digital multimedia broadcasting for mobile operators in the region. Mobile provider SK Telecom, digital multimedia broadcasting pioneer Toshiba, content aggregator Glocal Media and International Mobile Broadcasting, the holder of Asian mobile television licences and spectrum, are set to begin trials in early 2007 with leading mobile operators in Asia.

Project leader Tom Navasero said: "The Pan Asian Mobile TV consortium is the region's first enabler for a regional mobile TV service. The initiative will contribute to the public by providing mobile learning and disaster prevention media. Pan Asian Mobile TV will be able to contribute to the mutual understanding and the unification of this region through content reciprocity".

Masashi Suenaga of Toshiba claimed the pilot scheme will lead to "a new era of broadcasting in the Asia region? by adopting a S-DMB system that has been commercially proven in Japan and Korea".

The vice president of SK Telecom, JH Kah, added that the "multilateral, cross-cultural" Pan Asian Mobile TV initiative "will exemplify the vision of a united Asia".

Finally, Dennis Young, CEO of Glocal Media, said his company strongly believes that mobile TV is "the next big thing—and Asia is the place to do it".

He continued: "It offers us content owners a new distribution path to reach our customers and at the same time an opportunity to develop brand new forms of content that will be specific to mobile TV. In short, mobile TV is a brand new distribution window".

Lovelace Consulting  |  14.12.2006

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