Sony to launch wireless TV

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Electronics giant Sony is planning to market a portable 20-inch wireless television set in Japan next month, according to Japanese press reports. The networked TV will conform to both the 54Mbps 802.11a/g standards, operating at 5GHz and 2.4GHz.

Using a dual-band auto scan, the new device will automatically search for non-interfering channels in order to eliminate possible video signal disruption caused by interference on either of the two bands.

The sets will are also said to feature ghost reduction circuitry, improving picture performance, and will come in two parts, consisting of a display screen and a media box acting as receiver, packaged with wireless headphones.

The screen weighs 7.8kg, measuring 504x487x111mm, while the receiver will weigh 1.25kg and measuring 215x65x260mm. The retail price for the device is expected to be around $1,800.

Lovelacemedia  |  20.08.2004

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