Sky Sports signs A1 Grand Prix

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Sky Sports, the sports operation of UK pay-TV giant BSkyB, has signed a three-year deal to bring a motor racing series rivalling Formula One to British screens.

Sky will be the first UK broadcaster to air the A1 Grand Prix, which aims to create a World Cup of motor racing in which drivers will represent countries, and not manufacturers.

According to The Independent newspaper, the scheme is the brainchild of Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Maktoum al-Maktoum, a member of the Dubai royal family.

The A1 Grand Prix is due to begin in the autumn next year.

Sky Sports managing director Vic Wakeling said: "We have been sold on the concept of a genuine test of driving skills and it has the added attraction of providing us with more international sport throughout the winter months."

Meanwhile, BSkyB chief executive James Murdoch has commissioned Sky One's first history documentary series. The series - on ancient Rome - will be made by sister Elisabeth Murdoch's production company, Shine. The move is part of James Murdoch's drive to take Sky One upmarket.

Lovelacemedia  |  23.08.2004

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