Open IPTV Forum seeks interoperable standards

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Telecommunications groups have joined forces with consumer electronics and technology groups to form the Open IPTV Forum, an industry consortium tasked with developing open standards and interoperability between various devices and networks. The forum—whose members are AT&T, Ericsson, France Telecom, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Siemens Networks, Sony, and Telecom Italia -said it aimed to "streamline and accelerate" IPTV deployments and help maximize the benefits to "consumers, network operators, content providers, service providers, consumer electronics manufacturers and infrastructure providers".

Standardisation bodies are already addressing specific IPTV elements, but the Open IPTV Forum said it would focus on a "complete delivery solution, with the goal of accelerating the full standardisation of IPTV-related technologies".

The forum said IPTV heralded the development of personalised interactivity and on-demand access for all forms of digital content, integrated across fixed and mobile devices. The Open IPTV Forum's interoperability standards would allow consumers to "easily access their choice of content and services among multiple service providers".

The forum will address technology elements such as:

  • content protection
  • interfaces allowing IPTV services to be delivered over both managed networks and the public internet
  • adequate measures to ensure interoperability between such services and retail consumer devices.

Candidate systems would include, but not be limited to, IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA). The forum aims to capture requirements and architecture specifications by September 2007 and release first protocol specifications three months later.

The nine members aim to open up the forum to additional members later in the year.

Lovelace Consulting  |  20.03.2007

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