Med1a launches local TV internet portal

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IPTV consultancy Med1a has launched View TV Local, an internet portal which eventually aims to stream local TV services from across the UK. First channels to launch using Med1a's technology platform are Chester TV, Tamworth TV and Redditch TV, offering tourist information, local news and weather, and user-generated content.

Med1a said each channel could be viewed by up to 250,000 concurrent viewers. "With a lower cost per viewer compared with digital and cable broadcasting, dedicated niche channels and no technical operating instructions, View TV Local also provides a strong business case for local content providers," said Med1a.

Med1a also offers View TV, a portal offering several broadband channels. Med1a director Jamie Branson said: "Local TV is a strong addition to View TV's stable of channels adding even more diversity to an already varied line up—now as well as being able to watch a variety of streaming news, music and entertainment, View TV can offer its audience local content, broadening the appeal of the platform to even more special interest groups."

Lovelace Consulting  |  23.04.2007

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