Sony's Blu-ray 'leads US hi-def DVD sales'

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Sony's Blu-ray next-generation DVD format reportedly accounted for 70% of high-definition disc sales in the US in the first three months of 2007. That left the rival Toshiba-backed HD-DVD standard with just 30% of sales, according to Home Media Magazine's market research arm.

The magazine said Blu-ray took the lead in February, and by March accounted for nearly three out of every four high-definition discs sold. When given a choice of formats for the same movie, consumers are going with Blu-ray, said the magazine, citing the example of Warner Home Video's The Departed which launched in February in both formats.

By the end of March consumers had bought 53,640 copies of the movie on Blu-ray discs, and 31,590 on HD-DVD discs, according to Home Media Magazine's market research, which is based on studio estimates and point-of-sale data.

"All this data points to the irrefutable facts that the consumers are voting with their dollars and adopting the revolutionary technology of the Blu-ray Disc," Bob Chapek, president of Buena Vista Home Entertainment, told Home Media Magazine.

Earlier this month an analysis by the Financial Times suggested the HD-DVD standard was gaining the upper hand in Europe as 35 European movies were now available in the format, compared with fewer than 10 for Blu-ray.

Lovelace Consulting  |  24.04.2007

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