Babelgum broadens trial with new partners

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Broadband TV operator Babelgum has opened its service to beta testers around the world. The service, which launched in a closed trial earlier this year, offers niche programming produced by content partners.

Babelgum founder, the Italian telecommunications entrepreneur Silvio Scaglia, said: "Today we have proven that the internet can be used as a global distribution network for TV quality video.

"The convergence of broadcast and web technologies opens new opportunities for our content partners and offers a personalised experience to each of our users."

Content suppliers for the wider trial include Reuters, ITN and BBC Motion Gallery. Babelgum is expected to conclude content partnerships with around 30 suppliers, who will share advertising revenues with the site.

In March Erik Lumer, Babelgum's chief executive, said the aim of the service was to "combine the best of the 'lean-back' experience of TV with the interactivity of the 'sit-forward' PC world to create what we call the 'Rocking Chair Experience'. At times you can just sit back and enjoy full screen, high quality streaming of your favourite content while at other times you use the interactivity and social networking facilities to personalise your experience and interact with other users. It is an environment in which everyone benefits—rights owners, viewers and advertisers".

Lovelace Consulting  |  12.06.2007

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