Rivals 'discuss joint TV download service'

Broadcast rivals the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV are reportedly discussing a collaborative joint venture which will pool programming for online download into a single service.

Channel 4 already offers a TV download service, 4oD. The BBC is due to launch its iPlayer later this year while ITV is currently relaunching ITV.com to include catch-up services and live streamed channels.

A single service, which is reportedly codenamed Project Kangaroo, would overcome fragmentation and consumer confusion, offering a single download portal which other broadcasters could also populate.

The broadcasters have agreed rights deals with producers and actor unions so that programmes can be shown free within a catch-up window period. Beyond that content would be charged on a pay-per-download basis.

The apparent talks come as broadcasters are being courted by peer-to-peer download start-ups such as Joost and Babelgum.

Lovelace Consulting  |  15.06.2007

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