DirecTV offers broadband via power lines

DirecTV logo

US satellite provider DirecTV has announced a deal with US broadband provider Current to provide broadband and voice-over-internet calls to DirecTV subscribers via Current's power line-delivered network.

From the beginning of 2008 DirecTV customers will be able to go online by plugging Current's modem directly into an electricity socket. The DirecTV-branded service will be introduced in Dallas/Fort Worth by the end of 2007 then rolled out across the US.

The announcement comes as DirecTV and rival satellite pay-TV operator EchoStar consider their strategies amid fierce competition from cable and telecommunications operators providing digital TV, high speed internet access and telephony.

DirecTV already offers broadband services to subscribers in conjunction with AT&T, Verizon and Qwest.

Lovelace Consulting  |  24.08.2007

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