Jobs upgrades iPod range with mobile video

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Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs has unveiled the company's latest range of iPods, including a new iPod Nano featuring a 2.5-inch screen and video-playback capability. At the same time Apple announced it was cutting the price of its iPhone by $200 to $399.

A new touch-screen iPod with 3.5-inch screen, retailing at $299, operates essentially as an iPhone without mobile phone functionality. It can connect to the internet wirelessly via Wi-Fi and a web browser allows owners to watch internet video content, such as YouTube, while on the move. An 8GB version costs $299 while a 16GB device will cost $399.

The new iPod Nano with video capability costs $149 for a 4GB version and $199 for an 8GB version.

Jobs described the upgraded iPod as "one of the seven wonders of the world—it's just incredible".

Lovelace Consulting  |  06.09.2007

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