Sling Media goes Dutch with UPC

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European cable operator UPC has announced a trial to introduce Sling Media's 'place-shifting' device, the Slingbox, to The Netherlands. The trial will allow UPC's digital subscribers to access programmes on their main TVs from a remote location via broadband.

UPC—which also provides digital TV recorder, video-on-demand, and high-definition television services—said the move would further expand its customers' experience of digital TV.

By using a Slingbox combined with UPC's digital TV recorder, UPC customers will be able to watch programmes on a broadband-connected laptop or PC as well as schedule recordings.

Diederik Karsten, CEO of UPC Netherlands, said: "The Slingbox brings a new digital TV experience to our customers. They can view and record their favourite programs remotely by using a broadband internet connection. We believe the Slingbox will certainly enhance UPC's leadership position in the Digital TV market."

Stuart Collingwood, vice president of Europe for Sling Media, said: "We are thrilled to make the Slingbox available with the help of UPC to deliver a truly enhanced digital TV experience to customers in The Netherlands."

Lovelace Consulting  |  13.09.2007

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