Ennals urges action ahead of switchover

Ford Ennals

Digital UK CEO Ford Ennals has praised Whitehaven residents just days ahead of the town's historic switch to digital-only broadcasting. Ennals told The Whitehaven News there had been "a lot of hard work to get the community prepared" on the part of Copeland Borough Council and volunteer groups.

"We feel we are on track for switchover. There is now a genuine sense of anticipation. There's been a lot of preparation and planning and now people just want to get on with it and get those extra channels."

On Wednesday Whitehaven and surrounding Copeland area's 25,000 households will lose the analogue version of BBC Two. By November 14 all analogue terrestrial channels will have ceased, and 20 Freeview channels will have been switched on.

A similar two-stage process will be followed across the UK under the Government's digital switchover timetable which will be completed in 2012.

Ennals called on Whitehaven residents not to leave it too late to be prepared for switchover. "We urge people to take action now because we don't want people to miss out," he said.

Earlier this month Digital UK said four homes in five in Whitehaven had already got digital TV or had bought Freeview converters.

Lovelace Consulting  |  15.10.2007

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