O2 to broadcast TV

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O2 has become the latest mobile phone network hoping to make watching TV on the phone its next 'killer application' to drive increased revenues.

The company is planning a six-month trial in partnership with NTL with 500 customers in Oxford next year. The trial users will receive a multimedia phone with a built-in TV receiver and will have access to 16 channels. The technology for the trial has been developed by Sony and Nokia.

A similar service was introduced by Italian mobile operator TIM earlier this year and the company reports initial success. But there is still a question mark hanging over offering TV services on mobile phone owing to the screen size. Critics point out that handheld TV sets have been available at a low price for years but that few viewers seem to want to use them.

But mobile phone operators argue that the reception on their networks is superior to the older technology and that there is a proven demand from their customers for live sports and news coverage.

Lovelacemedia  |  10.09.2004

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