Murdoch pursues 'hybrid' media model at Sky

James Murdoch

BSkyB chief executive James Murdoch has outlined his strategy of developing a "hybrid" media model for Sky. In a video interview with, Murdoch—who tomorrow addresses Sky's annual meeting—said the company was positioning itself as the provider of content on several platforms and devices, including TVs, PCs and mobile phones.

Earlier this week, Sky announced it had passed the 1m broadband customer mark just 14 months after entering the UK's fiercely competitive broadband arena.

"When we go out there and we say we're going to challenge some of those big incumbent telecoms companies who've been charging too much money for too little to too many customers for way too long, we think that's good for customers," said Murdoch.

"Ultimately, we think that really matters from a regulatory perspective as well. Our customers [are] free agents in this." Sky's hybrid model would see the company offering both satellite and digital terrestrial services as well as local storage on set-top boxes, and access to video content via broadband.

Lovelace Consulting  |  01.11.2007

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