Rupert Murdoch sets challenge for Sky

Rupert Murdoch

BSkyB chairman Rupert Murdoch has set the broadcast pay-TV and broadband provider the goal of not only being a company that provides "even more choice and convenience" to consumers, but also being "the best". "That is what drives us forward," said Murdoch as he addressed Sky's annual meeting in London.

"Competition is great for consumers," said Murdoch. "History has shown that it is competition and free markets which deliver real, sustainable value. This is something that we should encourage and celebrate more, here in the UK. I see no reason to be fearful of allowing choice and innovation to flourish even more freely in the years ahead."

Earlier Murdoch's son, Sky CEO James Murdoch, unveiled quarterly results showing net growth in direct-to-home customers in the UK and Ireland grew by 83,000 to 8.67m, in line with its long-term target of 10m customers by 2010. The number of homes with Sky+, Sky's digital TV recorder service, grew by 14% to 2.7m while its high-definition television service, Sky HD, rose by 66,000 homes to 358,000.

Sky confirmed its consumer broadband offering passed the 1m barrier in October.

James Murdoch said: "We've seen continued good demand from customers for our entire product range, with over 1m product sales for the fourth consecutive quarter. Sky+ has been exceptional, growing faster than ever before—and is now enjoyed by almost one third of Sky TV customers."

Lovelace Consulting  |  02.11.2007

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