BBC promises 'New multimedia era for Arab audiences'

Speaking at a special reception to mark the 70th anniversary of BBC Arabic in Cairo, Hosam El Sokkari, Head of BBC Arabic, has promised a number of new multimedia services for Arab audiences, includes a television news and information channel which will launch in the New Year.

"BBC Arabic may be 70-years-old but we are on the brink of a new, modern era for our audiences. BBC Arabic is no longer just a radio and online provider. We are now a fully integrated news and information service for the Arab world.

"We will reach audiences on radio, television, the internet via, mobiles and handheld computers—in whatever way best suits the audience. We are already well known and trusted across the region for our 24-hour, seven days a week news and information programming."

The event also marked the 75th anniversary of BBC World Service. The international broadcaster launched on 19 December 1932 with an English language service for listeners across the British Empire.

BBC Arabic became its first language service, launching on 3 January 1938, and is the the biggest of the BBC's non-English language services.

DTG Staff  |  06.12.2007

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