BBC to create webpage for every programme

Jana Bennett, Director of BBC Vision, has outlined ambitious plans for the BBC to provide a permanent webpage for every episode of every programme it has ever broadcast; eventually forming the basis of a searchable archive of the BBC's TV and Radio programming

Speaking at the Banff World Television Festival, Bennett described the success of the iPlayer as 'only the beginning of the story.'

'When that iPlayer moment is over, the programme disappears and we are still having to apologise to the audience.' Bennett said.

'And yet those programmes do still exist and increasingly may be available elsewhere on the web—on iTunes, for example, or in other on-demand offers like Kangaroo, the BBC's new UK commercial partnership with ITV and C4, which we expect to get regulatory approval for soon.'

'That fact formed part of the thinking behind this—a permanent page for every episode of every programme the BBC has ever broadcast.'

'There are already over 160,000 individual pages. Eventually, we will add our programme back catalogue to produce pages for programming stretching back over nearly 80 years—featuring all the information we have on the richest TV and radio archive in the world.'

Last month the BBC revealed that the iPlayer has received more than 75 million requests to stream or download programmes since its marketing launch on Chrismas Day 2007.

DTG Staff  |  12.06.2008

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