5.5 billion to own a mobile phone by 2013

Subscriptions to mobile phone companies will increase from 3.9 billion this year to 5.6. billion in 2013, according to a report by Strategy Analytics.

The report claims that by 2010 more than half of the world's population will be using mobiles.

The Asia-Pacific and the Middle East & Africa regions have seen the highest amount of mobile subscriptions and will contribute to 80% of subscription growth in the wireless market in 2013.

Phil Kendall, Director of Global Wireless Practice said: "These two regions may be driving the subscription count, but they contribute much less to global revenues."

He added: "Asia-Pacific and MEA account for nearly 60% of worldwide subscriptions, but less than 40% of revenues. Their increasing significance will reduce average revenues per subscription by 15% over the next five years."

Half of mobile contracts by 2013 will be with 3G networks. Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, Senior Analyst at Wireless Network Strategies, said: "3G technologies will reach critical mass in more regions in 2008, driving worldwide subscriber numbers close to 500 million by year end. Next year, more than one third of all service revenues will be generated by 3G technologies, even though 3G accounts for only one in six subscribers."

DTG Staff  |  30.06.2008

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