'Digital tick' stores best for switchover advice

Retailers signed up to the 'digital tick' provide better service to customers enquiring about TV than those who are not, according to research by Digital UK.

Mystery-shopping research by the organisation shows that, while the standard of advice in independent stores is generally high, those who are part of the 'tick' scheme perform best.

Digital UK found that in such stores the switchover was accurately explained by 83% of staff compared to 71% of staff in independent retailers.

94% could give customers a switchover date for the store's region, while in non-licensed branches only 77% of staff could do this.

Overall average customer satisfaction in 'digital tick' premises was given 4.3 marks out of 5 compared to 3.6 in stores that weren't signed up to the 'tick' scheme.

Generally, all stores provided better service to customers enquiring about digital TV and switchover than in similar research carried out last year.

Jane Ostler, Director of Industry at Digital UK, said: "This research is further evidence that stores signed up to the 'digital tick' scheme give the best advice about switchover. With switchover fast approaching, we're encouraging all remaining retailers to sign up and complete the 'Ask Digital' training.

"With better knowledge from staff in store, sales will improve, returns will go down and customers will receive a better service. So it's important we continue working with retailers to help them seize that opportunity."

DTG Staff  |  10.07.2008

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