League sues DTV lawyers

The Football League is suing the lawyers who advised it to sign a digital TV contract with ITV companies Carlton and Granada,

According to Chairman Brian Mawhinney, the league has issued high court proceedings against Hammonds Solicitors, which traded as Edge Ellison in June 2000 when the deal was signed.

It is alleged that the lawyers failed to protect the league's interests during negotiations with ITV Digital, then called OnDigital.

Mawhinney has not revealed how much the league plans to seek in damages. It could claim for £119m, the sum it calculates it lost after failing to win a court case against ITV Digital to recover the money it was owed.

The broadcaster's deal with the Football League in June 2000 was designed to allow it to compete with BSkyB's sports deals. But the less-well known teams drew small audiences. Nottingham Forest's match against Bradford attracted only 1,000 viewers.

Lovelacemedia  |  23.09.2004

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