HDTV to boom after 2006

A new study is predicting rapid growth for high-definition television (HDTV) as the global switchover to digital television accelerates.

Global Assessment of Satellite Demand: A Demand-Driven, Region-Specific Analysis of the Commercial Geostationary Satellite Transponder Market for 2003-2009, published by Northern Sky Research, predicts that a major catalyst for growth will be those consumers who can afford to install a digital/HD tuner.

Northern Sky Research believes that North America will lead the push and account for almost half of the 487 new high-definition channels to be broadcast over satellite in 2009. Japan is tipped as the next biggest market, followed by Europe, and South Korea.

According to the report, the number of new channels will grow rapidly from 2006 as the availability of HDTV content improves and government deadlines for digital switchovers are achieved.

"The challenge of HDTV is that its success hinges on the actions of consumers, broadcasters, content providers, equipment manufacturers, satellite operators, and governments. Each of these players has its own vested interests, and they have been tripping over each other more than anything else in the last few years. Yet, the march forward is becoming more coordinated as each works its way through the process, and this market should really pick up steam in a few years time," said the report's author, Patrick French.

Lovelacemedia  |  27.09.2004

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