FCC Chairman announces resignation

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Kevin J. Martin has announced his resignation from the American media regulator, effective of 20 January 2009—the day of US President-elect Barrack Obama's inauguration.

Martin said he leaves the office with great pride in the FCC's accomplishments and with deep gratitude for having had an opportunity to serve the American public, according to the FCC.

Martin stated that his philosophy during his tenure at the FCC "has been to pursue deregulation while paying close attention to its impact on consumers and the particulars of a given market, to balance deregulation with consumer protection." He stated that he "approached his decisions with a fundamental belief that a robust, competitive marketplace, not regulation, is ultimately the best protector of the public interest and the best method of delivering the benefits of choice, innovation, and affordability to American consumers."

The FCC said that the outgoing Chairman's efforts ranged from the promotion of more competition across technology platforms to making sure consumers have access to broadband services without arbitrary blocking or delays.

In his letter of resignation to President Bush, Martin wrote, "I have had the privilege of serving at the Federal Communications Commission for almost 8 years, including 4 years as the agency's Chairman. During this period, we have seen a telecommunications industry undergoing rapid and unprecedented change. As a result of the market-oriented and consumer focused policies we have pursued the American people are now reaping the rewards of convergence and the broadband revolution including new and more innovative technologies and services at ever-declining prices."

Upon his departure from the Commission, Chairman Martin will serve as a Senior Fellow at the Aspen Institute in Washington, D.C.

DTG Staff  |  16.01.2009

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