Freeview+ sales up

Freeview has announced that sales of Freeview+ boxes have reached over 900,000, up 118% compared to December last year.

26% of all sales were achieved in the final quarter of 2008, and throughout December more than two Freeview+ boxes were bought every minute.

Ilse Howling, Managing Director of Freeview, said: "During a downturn, TV viewing naturally increases as people choose to stay in and watch TV as a form of free entertainment. We know that Freeview is an extremely compelling proposition of high quality, subscription free, digital TV, but Freeview+ is adding a new dimension to people's viewing experience, allowing them to take control of what they watch and when they watch it. More than half of Freeview+ users tell us they can't live without it."

According to Freeview, throughout the Freeview+ TV ad campaign period, sales increased by an average of 150% year-on-year and Freeview's website traffic increased by 80% during the first month alone.

DTG Staff  |  27.01.2009

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