Caradon Hill set for digital

Plymouth, parts of Devon and east Cornwall are ready for the switch to digital in one month's time, according to latest research by Digital UK.

Digital UK said that the vast majority of the 255,000 homes in the area have already got digital television or have bought Freeview boxes to convert their analogue sets in preparation for the first stage of the region's digital switchover on 12 August.

The second stage of switchover takes place on Wednesday 9 September, when all analogue television broadcasts will cease from the Caradon Hill transmitter and its local relay masts.

Research carried out by Digital UK also found that 76% of residents had digital on all their TV sets and almost all respondents (96%) were aware of switchover.

Bill Taylor, Digital UK's South West Regional Manager, said: "With only a month to go until switchover, it's important the remaining analogue viewers get the equipment they need to be ready for Wednesday 12 August.

"Many will be waiting for the Freeview signal to become available. We'd encourage those people to get a box now so they can enjoy extra channels as soon as switchover begins. Digital UK will provide advice and support throughout switchover for those who need it."

DTG Staff  |  13.07.2009

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