BBC publish Annual Report and Accounts

The BBC has published its Annual Report and Accounts for 2008/09.

According to the Report, the number of people watching linear broadcast TV in the UK remained high despite the rising popularity of online content and on demand media.

The Report also said that the number of iPlayer users doubled to 2.8 million a week and BBC Online use increased by one-third to 22.2 million per week during the year.

Sir Michael Lyons, Chairman of the Trust said: "While the policy and political debate around the BBC has intensified over the past year, it is important to step back and acknowledge that the BBC produced some great content and services during 2008/09.

He added: "There is more to do, for example in meeting growing audience demands for more fresh and new ideas for programmes and content, ensuring systems are working to avoid failures like the Russell Brand Show broadcasts last October, ensuring efficiency wherever possible and making sure the BBC is as transparent as it can be about how it operates.

"This is all work in progress, but we are making good strides towards delivering a changing BBC for changing times."

DTG Staff  |  14.07.2009

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