USA chooses mobile DTV standard

The Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) has approved the new A/153 ATSC Mobile DTV Standard for use in the USA.

The ATSC Mobile DTV Standard defines the technical specifications necessary for broadcasters to provide new services to mobile and handheld devices using their digital television transmissions.

The new services for mobile and handheld devices are carried along with current DTV services and do not have an effect on legacy receiving equipment, according to the Committee.

ATSC Mobile DTV was developed to support a variety of services including free (advertiser-supported) television and interactive services delivered in real-time, subscription-based TV, and file-based content download for playback. ATSC say the standard can transmit services via wireless receiving devices including mobile phones, small handheld DTVs, laptop computers and in-vehicle entertainment systems.

"Development and adoption of the ATSC Mobile DTV Standard is a major milestone in the ongoing evolution of digital television," said ATSC President Mark Richer. "We have been fortunate to have strong and active industry support, including thousands of person-hours of technical volunteers, for this work which enabled us to develop the standard in an efficient manner."

Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, said, "As a founding ATSC member, CEA congratulates ATSC on achieving this new standard, which will help chipmakers and equipment manufacturers proceed with product development and deployment. With the successful digital television transition now behind us, the ATSC Mobile DTV standard gives broadcasters an opportunity to provide consumers with the next generation of compelling over-the-air content."

DTG Staff  |  19.10.2009

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