Warner Bros. to open on demand online video store

Warner Entertainment Japan has announced plans to launch "Warner On Demand", a website where Japanese consumers can rent or buy Warner Bros. films and TV series directly from the Studio via VOD and download to their PCs and mobile phones.

The website is the world's first ever seamless VoD service between PC's and mobile phones and Japan's only download to own website for Warner Bros. films and TV series, according to the entertainment company.

To buy content through "Warner On Demand", consumers will need to purchase a series of points, which will be exchanged per transaction for Warner Bros. films or TV content. Consumers will have access to a range of Warner Bros. film and TV content including the Harry Potter series, films 1—5 say Warner.

"Warner On Demand" is part of an important strategic initiative perfectly suited to Japan's leadership in technology. It will help us understand and support our customers better and at the same time help to grow the overall market for online video in Japan", said William Ireton, President and Representative Director, Warner Entertainment Japan Inc.

Warner Bros. is partnering with Japanese software venture Skillup Japan to make the service available. Warner On Demand will run on Skillup Japan's "ULIZA" video content delivery platform.

"With the arrival of "Warner On Demand", and thanks to our partnership with Skillup Japan, Japanese consumers will finally be able to buy our films and TV series to own on their PCs. We hope also to reduce piracy by giving the customer legitimate services that are useful and exciting" said Julian Lai-Hung, Executive Director, Japan for Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, who is leading the launch and implementation of "Warner On Demand" across Japan.

At the launch at the end of November, Warner On Demand will be available on PCs and only to NTT Docomo users for access by mobile phones.

DTG Staff  |  20.10.2009

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