Seven million viewers to go digital as north west switches

More than seven million TV viewers will lose analogue signals next week, as the digital switchover reaches the north west of England.

One year after the switchover programme kicked off in the Scottish Borders, around four million viewers have completed the process.

That figure will almost double as switchover reaches the north west, an area including five cities, five counties and 7.2 million viewers—ten times as many as any switchover region completed so far, say Digital UK.

Switchover will begin in the north west (the Granada TV region) shortly after midnight on 4 November, when analogue BBC Two is turned off at the Winter Hill transmitter near Bolton and all 70 of its local transmitters.

Four weeks later, on 2 December, the remaining analogue channels BBC One, ITV1, Channel 4 and Five will also be permanently switched off, resulting in Freeview becoming available to virtually all homes in the region according to Digital UK.

David Scott, Chief Executive of Digital UK, said: "Never before in this country has a change in television affected so many people in one night as the digital switchover in the north west.

"We believe the region is well prepared, but some people will need a bit of extra help—which we're determined to provide."

Digital UK's two-year information campaign in the north west has included booklets sent to every household, roadshows, advertising across all media and messages on analogue TV channels.

DTG Staff  |  28.10.2009

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