Companies form HDBaseT cross-industry alliance

LG, Samsung, Sony Pictures and Valens Semiconductor are to launch a cross-industry alliance to promote and standardise the HDBaseT technology for whole-home distribution of uncompressed HD multimedia content.

The HDBaseT Alliance will invite consumer electronics and content organisations to contribute to creating a global standard for advanced digital media distribution. The Alliance's standardisation activities will cover the entire value chain of the digital media ecosystem and the various market segments: TV sets, projectors, professional AV equipment, home theatre, content providers, IT companies etc.

According to the founding companies, the demand for in-home converged distribution of HD multimedia content and the lack of adequate existing technologies are driving the industry toward an HD digital connectivity standard, such as HDBaseT, which increases distance of uncompressed HD multimedia content transfer, expands distribution, simplifies installations and lowers overall system cost.

"As the demand for high-quality HD content distribution in the entire home is already huge, we are hoping that HDBaseT will play the trigger role in advancing this market, since HDBaseT enables simultaneous multi-room distribution of uncompressed HD Multimedia as well as data, control and power over a single CAT5e cable," said ByungJin Kim, research fellow, LG Electronics.

"We firmly believe that in today's industry a standard must have broad consensus and support from the major players in the industry. For this purpose, we are actively working with such leading companies across the value chain to assure broad support and active participation in the newly formed HDBaseT Alliance," said Dror Jerushalmi, CEO, Valens Semiconductor.

DTG Staff  |  16.12.2009

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