IP Vision's FetchTV to be made available on third party devices

IP Vision is to enable its FetchTV platform on third party set top boxes alongside its own range of Smartbox devices.

The company has developed a partner programme for third party content and service providers and has partnered with Ant Software as part of the initiative. The ANT Galio platform will enable integration of the FetchTV service on Hybrid Broadcast Broadband (HBB) devices.

Eddie Abrams CEO of IP Vision said: "We have worked hard to develop and launch a connected TV solution in the UK market. The FetchTV platform is versatile and is a beneficial addition to any set-top-box with an Ethernet connection, delivering value for consumers, content providers and manufacturers alike.

Delivering FetchTV on third party devices is the next natural step for us to ensure that IP Vision and FetchTV continue to lead in the UK over-the-top market, which is set to grow massively in the next five years."

Simon Woodward, President and CEO of ANT plc said: "We're pleased to be working with IP Vision integrating FetchTV with the ANT Galio Platform. The FetchTV proposition is an exciting content extension to linear broadcast offerings and naturally complements the vision of the emerging hybrid profiles which are seeing such strong growth in markets such as the UK and Germany."

IP Vision's own SmartBox device range will be extended to enable FetchTV customers to view Freeview HD broadcasts from early 2010.

DTG Staff  |  18.12.2009

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