Ofcom publishes consultation on Freeview HD content management proposal

Ofcom has published a second consultation on a BBC proposal to control how its and other broadcasters' high definition content is made available on Freeview.

HD programmes have already begun to be broadcast on Freeview in parts of the country and HD Freeview boxes will be available in the shops shortly.

Ofcom's consultation asks whether the BBC, through its subsidiary Freeview, should be granted a change to its multiplex licence.

According to Ofcom, the BBC's proposals would allow it to require the use of content management technology in HD receivers to control the way films and TV shows are copied on to Blu-ray and DVDs and shared with others over the internet.

Under the BBC proposals, viewers would still be able to record the BBC's and other free to air broadcasters HD content on to their digital video recorders.

The BBC argues that this would ensure that rights holders, such as film and TV production companies, provide the widest possible range of HD content on the digital terrestrial TV platform.

The consultation closes on 2 April 2010.

DTG Staff  |  22.01.2010

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