ASTRA 3B to launch on 9 April

The launch of SES ASTRA's new satellite ASTRA 3B is now scheduled for 9 April 2010, following additional security checks.

ASTRA 3B will be located at 23.5 degrees East, ASTRA's orbital position for delivering Direct-to-Home (DTH) broadcast services mainly to the Benelux and Eastern Europe as well as two-way broadband services across Europe and the Middle East.

The new satellite will allow SES ASTRA to extend the geographical coverage and service to customers and offer Direct-to-Home (DTH) TV reception from Spain to the Black Sea.

ASTRA 3B will join ASTRA 3A and enable SES ASTRA to release its satellites ASTRA 1E and ASTRA 1G for other missions. ASTRA 1E and ASTRA 1G are currently positioned at 23.5 degrees East.

DTG Staff  |  07.04.2010

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