Digital TV in 91.4% of UK homes

Take-up of digital televisIon in UK households reached 91.4% at the end of 2009, up 2.6% the previous year, according to Ofcom's Digital Progress report for Q4 2009.

The report reveals that 79% of all TV sets had converted to digital television by the end of Q4 2009 (up 6.7 percentage points on a year ago). The remaining 21% of sets continue to receive analogue terrestrial broadcasts.

Ofcom also found that sales of DTT enabled equipment reached over 4.7 million units in Q4, the highest quarterly sales so far and up by 6% on Q4 2008. Integrated digital television sets (IDTVs) accounted for almost 74% of sales in the quarter (3.5 million units); with around 99% of TV sets sold now including an integrated digital decoder.

The number of homes relying on DTT as their sole means of digital TV reception reached around 10.1 million, equivalent to almost 40% of all homes and up by around 1.6 percentage points on Q3 2009. Separately, Freeview reported in December 2009 that it was the main digital TV service in 10 million homes.

Q4 sales data from Freesat show that unit sales had reached over 900,000 by the end of December, up from around 650,000 units in Q3. Around 643,000 homes claimed to be using some form of free-to-view digital satellite device as their primary means of viewing on their main set.

In total, around 42% of households (10.8 million) received a free-to-view digital television service on their main set at the end of December; 39.6% had a non-pay DTT service and 2.5% had free-to-view satellite, according to Ofcom's report.

DTG Staff  |  07.04.2010

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