Worldwide digital TV subscribers 'to double by 2014'

The number of digital television subscribers worldwide will grow from 484 million in 2010 to 887 million by 2014, according to estimates released by research firm Strategy Analytics.

On a regional basis, Asia Pacific will post the highest growth in the next five years, and will represent over half of worldwide digital subscriptions by 2014.

Cable continues to be the dominant television viewing platform, however over two-thirds of subscriptions worldwide still use analogue, according to the research. Strategy Analytics expect this to change rapidly, with digital cable households outnumbering analogue starting in 2012—as countries roll out their respective digital switchover programmes, the relative importance of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) as a primary viewing platform will likewise increase.

"We expect to see a digital inflection point in 2013, with digital subscriptions outpacing analog for the first time," said Piper. "Much of this growth will be fueled by the increased availability DTT, as well as a stepped-up transition from analog to digital cable."

DTG Staff  |  13.04.2010

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