French Open to be shown in 3D

The 3D coverage of the tennis tournament which takes place from 23 May to 6 June at Roland Garros will be broadcast to Orange subscribers throughout France on a dedicated Orange TV channel.

Eurosport will receive the live 3D signal for delivery via satellite to selected Panasonic stores in 58 countries across Europe, including the UK.

A 3D documentary will be produced after the tournament and shown on the Orange TV channel.

Laurent Abadie, Panasonic Europe chief executive and chairman, said: "The collaboration between Panasonic, Orange, Eurosport and the FFT is a major step forward to show the potential not just of Hollywood blockbusters, but also live broadcast events.

For such a prestigious sporting occasion to be available live in 3D, will really spark the audience's imagination and provide a blueprint for the future of 3D broadcasting."

Eurosport chairman and chief executive Laurent-Eric Le Lay added: "Teaming up with Panasonic to bring the entire French Tennis Open in 3D to over 3,000 Panasonic point-of-sales throughout Europe is a both a technological feat and a natural extension of the relationship we have already built.

We are excited to be part of an innovative partnership that is taking this new and complex technology, combining it with an exceptional sporting event and bringing it to TVs in stores throughout Europe."

DTG Staff  |  16.04.2010

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