Sony 3D TVs available in early June

Sony has confirmed that its 3DTVs and Blu-ray players will be available in UK stores in June.

Sony is launching its new HX800 series 3D TV, Sony's 3D technology will also be included in all new BRAVIA 3D TVs. The HX800 launch model will be followed within weeks by additional models in Sony's 3D TV line-up, according to the company.

To complement the launch of the HX800, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe will release four 3D stereoscopic PS 3 games, including WipEout HD and Super Stardust HD, available as a free collection to purchasers of BRAVIA 3D TVs.

A 3D firmware update to enable Full HD 3D Blu-ray disc playback will be released in time for the launch of Sony's 3D TVs. The S570 Blu-ray model which will be released shortly after the 3DTVs in early June, will be the first with 3D playback, according to Sony.

DTG Staff  |  19.04.2010

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