Blinkbox launches PS3 movie streaming service

Blinkbox, the UK video on demand site, has unveiled a movie streaming service for Playstation 3 in the UK.

The service will allow Playstation 3 owners to stream recent releases such as The Hangover, Sherlock Holmes, Up In The Air, and US TV series including Gossip Girl, Heroes, and 30 Rock from an archive of 6,000 movie and TV titles.

According to blinkbox the PS3 streaming service is the first British equivalent to the streaming of movies to games consoles popularised by Netflix in the USA.

Michael Comish, CEO of blinkbox, said: "We are committed to ensuring that remains ahead of the game when it comes to watching the best movies on the home TV screen. The PS3 is the first of a number of devices to which we will be bringing blinkbox: enabling customers to use our service on their TVs for instant streaming of new blockbuster movies—available on the same day as their release on DVD—as well as a growing library of free ad-supported titles."

DTG Staff  |  10.05.2010

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