Orkney switchover underway

The digital switchover in Orkney, Scotland is now underway.

Analogue BBC Two was turned off permanently at the Keelylang Hill transmitter in Orkney on 12 May, and digital signals have been switched on at three relay transmitters serving homes across the region.

Digital UK is advising all viewers in Orkney to retune their TVs and boxes in order to receive the Freeview service.

The changes also affect existing Freeview viewers who may find their BBC TV channels are

missing. These services have moved to new frequencies and can be restored by retuning.

The second and final stage of switchover in Orkney takes place on 26 May 2010 when the

remaining analogue channels will be switched off permanently. On this date, further Freeview channels from STV, ITV, Channel 4 and Five will also become available from relay transmitters for the first time.

DTG Staff  |  12.05.2010

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