'UK's first Freeview+ HD PVR' hits stores

Pace has launched the first Freeview+ HD PVR to be available in the UK, in advance of this summer's World Cup.

The Philips HDT8520 PVR, designed by Pace, has a 500 GB hard drive that is capable of recording up to 125 hours of HD content or 250 hours of standard definition (SD) content. The receiver has been developed to operate almost silently and has an environmentally friendly energy consumption of 15W in active mode.

The PVR includes recording features such as one-touch recording, series recording, a 3-hour buffer for time shifting and two tuners, meaning viewers can watch one programme while recording another.

The Philips HDT8520 is now on sale at John Lewis, DSGi (Currys), Comet, Tesco and Richer Sounds, online at Amazon, and at independent retailers throughout the UK.

DTG Staff  |  21.05.2010

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