Australia broadcast 'world's first 3DTV terrestrial transmission'

Digital transmission specialist Broadcast Australia has successfully broadcast 3DTV signals terrestrially over the air.

A trial 3DTV service was switched-on at midnight on 25 May in both Sydney and Brisbane. The service will be rolled out via Australian TV networks Nine Network Australia and SBS Corporation to seven major Autralian cities over the next few weeks.

Broadcast Australia will deliver up to 15 matches from the 2010 World Cup, plus three rugby league matches from the 2010 State of Origin Series between NSW and Queensland, live in 3D to the service.

The first live 3D free to air TV broadcast will take place on 26 May, when the first State of Origin match is scheduled to be played in Sydney.

"Broadcast Australia is thrilled to be involved in this trial and to broadcast the first-ever 3D TV content via terrestrial means," said Broadcast Australia's Managing Director Graeme Barclay. "We applaud the ACMA's decision to grant the temporary license to Nine and SBS jointly, allowing Australia to help demonstrate the future possibilities for new broadcast technology platforms. It is this sort of innovation that highlights the need to reserve new broadcast spectrum for new broadcast services in the Government's forthcoming spectrum plan."

Broadcast Australia has modified several of its broadcast transmission systems to support the 3DTV signal, which is encoded using the MPEG-4 compression standard and utilises the side-by-side 'frame compatible' transmission mode. The spectrum used for the trial is one of the 'unassigned' UHF channels in each city.

DTG Staff  |  25.05.2010

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