BBC Trust finds iPlayer fulfils audience expectations

The iPlayer has performed in line with its usage expectations and represents good value for money, according to the conclusions of a BBC Trust review of the BBC's on-demand services, including the BBC iPlayer.

The review, conducted two years after the launch of on-demand services, also found that the iPlayer has effectively promoted 'niche' or less well-known programmes and appeals well to its target younger audiences.

The review concluded that future versions of the iPlayer should ensure audiences continue to be able to find a wide variety of content, and agreed with the BBC Executive that more could be done to promote the parental controls on the iPlayer.

BBC Trustee Diane Coyle said: "The response to our public consultation was large, and overwhelmingly positive, which clearly showed the value placed by audiences on the choice and convenience offered by the iPlayer.

"Reach and appreciation levels are high, with a third of all UK adults claiming to have used the iPlayer.

"Looking ahead, the BBC needs to ensure that it continues to meet the expectations of audiences."

The Trust has now launched a consultation on the proposed changes to its on-demand syndication policy and the BBC Executive's syndication guidelines. The consultation will run for eight weeks.

DTG Staff  |  25.05.2010

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