InView ends 14 day EPG service

Following the termination of the InView data service on Freeview Mux D, a small number of older models of digital TV recorders will no longer function with a 14 day Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). Models that are compliant with the UK specification for Digital Terrestrial Television (the DTG D-Book) will revert to the broadcast service information which will provide a standard 7 day EPG.

Carriage of the 7 day standard EPG forms part of the requirement for the Digital Tick certification mark. Certified products which carry the Digital Tick signify to consumers that these products will work with the standard 7 day EPG. It has been brought to our attention that some models incorrectly featured the Digital Tick. Viewers who wish to complain should contact their equipment manufacturer.

The failure of even a small number of ageing receivers in the market emphasises the need for all manufacturers to co-ordinate their production efforts through the specification and test and conformance procedures of the Digital TV Group to achieve the Digital Tick and Freeview trade mark licence, which are proven indicators that a product is compliant, reliable and robust.

(Updated 26 July 2010)

DTG Staff  |  14.07.2010

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