Sky+ HD tops three million subscribers

Sky now has over three million HD subscribers, meaning that 30% of Sky customers are going HD, according to Sky's latest figures.

In the three months ending 30th June, Sky increased its HD customer base by 429,000, bringing twelve month cumulative growth to 1.6 million.

Sky has also announced the launch of Living HD on the service. The channel will show programmes such as the current series of Britain's Next Top Model, new US drama Nikita, and Four Weddings spin-off Party Wars, all in HD.

Sophie Turner Laing, Sky's MD of Entertainment, News and Broadcast Operations, said: "Sky recognised the potential of HD early and we are delighted it has grown into something which our customers utterly love and now demand as standard. Adding LIVING HD to our great range of high-quality HD channels only adds to the choice that more than three million homes enjoy. In maintaining our leadership, we look forward to offering our customers even more choice of HD as well as new innovations such as Sky 3D and Anytime+. With so much brilliant content coupled with ground breaking innovation, it's no wonder that we've seen such strong growth in HD."

DTG Staff  |  02.09.2010

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