Report: 97% of UK to be watching Connected TV by 2015

Ninety-seven per cent of Brits believe they will be getting their TV or video content from the internet or recorded to watch on their schedule by 2015, according to research commisioned by Rovi Corporation.

More than 52% of viewers feel that having a TV connected to the internet will make it easier to find the content they want to see.

Today the laptop is second only to the TV as the chosen device on which to view TV programmes and almost as popular as the TV for viewing films streamed from the internet or user generated content, with 50% of viewers comfortable to do so, according to the survey.

"The television has always been an icon of entertainment culture and has influenced mainstream culture since it made its way into living rooms across the globe," said Rovi chief evangelist Richard Bullwinkle."In this survey, we've taken a look at how people have incorporated new TV technologies in their daily lives to continue to adapt our product design to best fit consumers' preferences and viewing habits."

"What we're doing at Rovi is looking at how we can create a better entertainment experience for TV viewers. Our technologies, such as Rovi TotalGuide, enable easier navigation, browse, search and recommendations," added Bullwinkle. "We think these technologies will be a benefit to viewers, providing them with even greater options in how they watch TV."

DTG Staff  |  13.09.2010

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